Tough OTR Tires for Mining and Construction Work

OTR tires for mining and construction work have to be tough because of the environment in which they are used. And even though they are designed specifically for function, and highly engineered, they need ongoing care and attention to ensure they last and continue to perform at peak.

It’s important to realize that not all OTR are the same. Even OTR tires made for mining trucks and other all-terrain environments are not all the same. Rather, there are OTR tire that are intended OTR Tires Miningfor mine service, for cranes and haulage, for graders and scrapers, and others that are made specifically for front loaders or dump trucks. Tough OTR tires can also be custom-designed for specific site conditions.

What construction work and mining tires generally do have in common is tread patterns that result in really good traction; cut-resistant sidewalls; and ultimately, designs that ensure construction and mining tires will have a reliable long life – provided of course they are properly maintained.

Xtreme OTR Tire Company, Ltd manufactures Coach Master LOAD OTR tires for use in tough construction and mining conditions. Some of the information that follows is generic, some is based on this brand.

Tread Patterns for OTR Tires

Different types of OTR tires have completely different tread patterns because they have been designed specifically for different equipment and operations, including loaders and graders, high speed cranes, and mining trucks. You won’t be able to tell just by looking at the tread whether it is suitable or not; but a knowledgeable dealer will be able to advise.

Tires with different treads are manufactured in different sizes.

Sizes of OTR Tires

The size of OTR tires used for mining and construction work will also depend on the vehicle and its function. So, for instance a 12.00R24 might be suitable for some forklift trucks, as well as loaders and dozers operating in quarries and mines where the environment is really rocky. The number – in this case 12 – refers to the aspect ratio of the tire, which relates to the height of the sidewall. The R that follows shows that the tire has radial construction, and the number 24 is the diameter of the rim in inches.

Some size 17.5R25 are also intended for use on loaders and dozers operating in a rocky environment. These generally have a nice thick tread and cut-resistant sidewalls. Some 18.00R25 and 18.00R33 OTR tires have the same features as these, while others of the same size have a tread that is designed specifically for mining operations and road conditions that are particularly rough.

There are larger 20.5R25 OTR, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 27.00R49 and 29.5R25 tires that have cut-resistant sidewalls too, and a thick tread for loaders and dozers operating in quarries and mines. Even bigger 21.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25 tires have an axle drive tread that has been designed for rough road conditions, including mining.

For equipment and vehicles that need really big tires, both the Coach Master LOAD OTR 30.00 R51 (CM06) and 33.00R51 (CM06) are perfect. These were developed for axle drive and the tread is ideal for mining and any other road conditions that are rough. They have a really good grip and like other CM tires designed for this purpose, are resistant to punctures.

Remember that not all OTR tires have cut-resistant sidewalls, so it’s important to check this feature.

If you are in the market for OTR tires that are suitable for mining vehicles, front loaders and other mining and construction equipment, contact the Xtreme OTR Tire Company, Ltd today for more information and advice. We will also supply a competitive quotation for a container load of top quality OTR tires.