OTR Tires Are Tough on the Ground

Construction and mining are industries that have special needs in terms of people and equipment. This is dirty business that does pay dividends, but if it’s not done right, you’re not going to see the profits.

The working environment for mining and construction work is typically extremely harsh, and front-end loaders must be able to cope in these rugged conditions. This means that heavy-duty mining tires, and those used for front loaders, must have very good traction provided by the tread of the tire. Since the tread undergoes severe strain when it rides over uneven, often rocky ground, pit-like grooves can form, particularly in front tires. For this reason, off-the-road (OTR) tires should have cut-resistant sidewalls, and an overall design that will provide a long life and will be reliable.


It’s not enough for OTR tires to be tough on the ground. Additionally, owners and operators must be sure to maintain the OTR tires they use for mining and front loaders. Tire pressure must always be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and they should be regularly assessed for wear and tear and for damage. Most reputable OTR tire manufacturers provide on-site programs that assist customers in terms of tire maintenance. They will also provide tire liability insurance as well as tire warranties.

The Importance of Maintaining OTR Tires

Monitoring the tread of tires is essential for all tires, but vital for mining tires and those used on front loaders in the construction industry. The reasons are threefold:

  1. The safety of operators depends on the reliability of the tires used on the heavy equipment they drive. The environment they work in can easily result in a blowout if tires aren’t properly maintained, and blowouts can cause nasty accidents.
  2. In the event of a blowout, or even just front loaders being pulled out of action because of worn tires, there will be unnecessary downtime, which in turn can impact on profitability.
  3. If OTR construction and mining tires are not properly maintained, and they wear unevenly, this will shorten the life of tires, which also has financial implications. Even tire pressure that is too high can have an effect as the center of the tire tread will has to bear most of the weight of the front loaders and other equipment used.

Tread depth is critical to the performance of tires, especially OTR tires that are tough on the ground. Camber and inclination angles can be adjusted, but when the depth of tread is reduced to 0.16 cm (3/50th in) it is vital to replace the tire. Often operators of front loaders will be alerted that tires need to be replaced because traction is reduced.

But it’s not just the tread that should be checked. It is also essential to check the general condition of OTR tires frequently, especially mining tires and those on front loaders. Punctures are usually obvious, but cuts and cracks can often be overlooked until the damage is so great the tire has to be replaced, or there is a blowout.

Routine pressure testing is essential, and tires must be adjusted regularly. Partial wear, where grooves and pits start to form, is more common in front tires, but can happen in rear tires as well. While this kind of damage might be caused by rough terrain, it might also be caused by undue wear of parts in steering and suspension systems. So regular servicing of all vehicles and equipment is also extremely important.

Xtreme OTR Tire Company (XOTC) tires are especially tough, having been manufactured to the most stringent quality standards. We recommend our Coach Master LOAD USA and OTR tires for mining and construction. These are well priced, and XOTC provides tire liability insurance and a limited tire warranty for your peace of mind. Contact us for more information and pricing details.



Proper Maintenance to Extend the Lifespan of OTR Tires

Construction sites are difficult to manage and it can be a constant battle to keep costs from rising out of control.  A simple way to cut those costs is to make your OTR tires last as long as possible.

otr tires lifespanConstruction machinery is expensive to operate and their OTR tires tend to wear out quickly due to the constant use. OTR tires are under enormous pressure because they are often carrying heavy loads. This causes quite a bit of heat buildup regardless of the time of year and heat is a major threat to the longevity of your tires. If you don’t do everything you can to reduce the heat as much as possible then you will be in the market for new OTR tires in no time.

Most heat buildup in OTR tires is caused by a combination of two things:

  • Being overloaded with too much weight
  • Being driven to fast

Either one is a problem on its own but if you do both together you can almost guarantee a blowout. When you overload your vehicle, it will cause your tire to stretch out of shape. If a tire isn’t round it causes extra stress on all of the other parts of the wheel and can cause damage or failure. So, when you drive fast on top of that, it causes more damage with every revolution of the tire plus a major increase in heat through friction.

If you want to keep your OTR tires in good condition, keep the speed and weight down while following these tips:

  • Give the vehicle time to cool down by resting it overnight or over a weekend.
  • Always park the vehicle in the shade in hot weather.
  • Park the vehicle on an even, flat surface.
  • Check your tires before letting it sit to make sure that there is not debris underneath that might cause a tire to crack as it cools.
  • Store the extra OTR tires in a cool, dry place away from any chemicals or work zones that could cause damage.

Choosing the Right Earth Mover OTR Tires

Earth moving equipment is specialized and expensive, and it requires good quality off-the-road (OTR) tires to ensure the lowest possible operating costs and highest possible uptime.

While all OTR tires need to be tough, they are certainly not all the same.

earth-mover-tires-xotrSince they are used in numerous environments for a lot of different industries, it is vital that the OTR tires you have fitted meet the needs of the task, whether its earth moving, construction, road works, forestry, mining or handling goods in a port. At the same time, while the requirements of specific OTR tires vary according to industry applications, there are some common prerequisites to take into consideration, including durability, reliability, stability, robustness and traction.

Additionally, you need to consider tire size, including the overall dimensions, as well as the structure of the casing, tread depth, pattern and wear capabilities. Bead shape, load and speed capacities, cut puncture and rolling resistance, as well as flotation and sidewall protectors are also important.

Generic Types of OTR Tires for an Earth Mover

The two basic types of tire are bias and radial. Both types are available for OTR earth moving equipment, although radial tires are generally more popular.

Bias tires are made from overlapping rubber plies that are designed to create a layer that is thick and inflexible. They can carry heavier loads than radial tires – which can be useful moving earth – but they can be less stable, particularly around corners. Also higher friction tends to result in faster wear as well as higher fuel consumption.

Radial tires are based on a newer concept and made so that the tread and sidewall are not solid, but rather work independently of each other. Originally developed by Michelin, they have better traction and a longer life. There is considerably less potential damage from the ground because of greater shock absorption, and this translates to lower maintenance for earth moving equipment. Operator comfort is better, and productivity is greater with less fuel consumption than when bias tires are used.

Different OTR Tire Brands

Many owners and earth mover operators will continue to use whatever brand of OTR tire came with the machine. But this isn’t a necessity. There are a number of brands on the market from various major manufacturers based in different parts of the world. Xtreme OTR Tire supplies both new tires and retreads worldwide.

If you aren’t sure which OTR Earth Mover tires to choose for your equipment, it’s advisable to get advice from the experts. We are just a call away or can be contacted online.