Our OTR Tire Management Philosophy

At International Tires, LLC we manufacture earthmover tyres and understand that managing OTR tyres for mining and construction is a much more complex task than many realize. As these industries improve their safety, preventative, predictive and planned maintenance programs, OTR tire management has become key component of each program.  Our Coach Master OTR tires are highly engineered products that require attention and care to achieve the optimum life and performance for which they were designed.  This is where our OTR Tyre management program comes in.

Mining and construction site tire operating conditions vary greatly. As an OTR Tire Supplier we provide custom tires to our to many of our tire customers with custom tread compounds specifically designed for the environment on their job site. Operators increasingly understand the benefits of effective management of their OTR tire programs not only because of the potential  for significant cost savings but also because of the safety aspect, product availability, and equipment uptime.

A multi‐dimensional approach to OTR tire management is our primary tactic to help our customers achieve their productivity goals. We don’t simply look at the tire itself; we don’t stop with the equipment it’s mounted on. Tire management is an ongoing process where we constantly evaluate and incorporate better ways to serve our clients.

Components of our OTR tire management program include:

  • A customized system geared to the environment of each site.
  • The off road tire (selection of the tire type, compound, and air pressure)
  • The wheel and its hardware (Type, flanges, lock ring, valve and spacers)
  • Additives and fillers (Nitrogen, foam,  tubes and tire life additives)
  • Mine Engineering concerns (Future haul runs, super elevations, cycle times and load requirements)
  • Mine Maintenance concerns (Scheduling of downtime, maintenance of equipment to facilitate the best tire life and best practices to perform work efficiently)
  • Mine and construction site operations concerns (Haul road conditions, proper load centering, clean up and equipment operator awareness)
  • Tools (Torque multiplication devices, cleaning tools, non‐destructive testing equipment, etc.)
  • Logistics & Inventory Management, Tire Storage
  • Training (Tire fitters, equipment operators, maintenance personnel and all other mine members)
  • Data tracking software (Tires, components, trending, failure modes, etc.). Data Analysis and Reporting
  • A comprehensive International Tires OTR tire warranty program

This type of comprehensive approach allows us to track and report on a multitude of criteria, adjusting our tactics to best suit the needs of that particular site, as conditions change.