Mining Tires and Tires for Front Loaders Take a Beating

Rugged work conditions demand rugged equipment that can stand up to the harsh environment workers are faced with. Earth-moving jobs top the list, particularly those that involve lugging rocks and working quarries in construction or mining.

Of course mining and construction companies will choose the earthmoving equipment they need to do the jobs at hand, particularly when it comes to front loaders. But when these begin to age and the tires need changing, that’s when problems often happen.

First of all it’s essential to use the right tires for front-end loaders, graders and other earthmoving equipment. Then it’s vital to maintain the tires to keep them going for as long as possible.

The Concept of OTR Tires

Targeted at the construction and mining industries, and used for the equipment used by these industries (including front loaders), OTR tires are tough, and designed to take a regular beating.

Technically you could describe both industrial and agricultural tires as OTR – because both are off the road tires. But the tire industry is a lot more specific. For instance, even though heavy tires manufactured for trucks are also tough, they are not categorized as OTR tires, even though some are designed specifically for use off-road.OTR Tires

First off, more than half of OTR tires are radial, and not bias. Also they come in different sizes.

  • Small OTR tires range from 10.00R20 to 17.5R25 sizes and do sometimes include 15-inch tires, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Medium OTR tires range from 20.5R25 to 23.5R25 in size and include 18.00R25.
  • Large OTR tires start at 24.00R35 and generally increase to 26.5R25, but include both 29.5R25 and 29.5R29.
  • Giant OTR tires are 24.00R49 and include the 63-inch sizes.

Demand for very big (specifically large and giant) OTR tires has dropped substantially in recent years, primarily because of a slowdown in mining operations worldwide. The construction industry has also slowed down a bit, but is expected to recover quite quickly. Ultimately, reports indicate that the demand for all OTR tires (including industrial and agricultural tires) is set to grow at around 4.4 percent all the way to 2020.

One very important growth factor relates to the aggregate mining sector, which of course relates directly to the construction industry. This involves the use of front loaders in quarries, where they are used to mine sand and stone that is used primarily for concrete work in industry.

Importance of Maintaining Tough OTR Tires

As tough as they are, if the OTR tires used for front loaders and mining tires aren’t properly maintained then they’re not going to perform the way they should.

A good first step is to initiate an on-site maintenance program that will regularly assess mining tires and those used for front loaders. Basically what this does is to introduce a procedure that will make sure tire pressure is maintained, and tire damage and wear is assessed at regular intervals.

When you replace OTR tires it is also very important to make sure that they have been properly manufactured for use to the highest specifications. For instance, front loaders really do need tires that are manufactured for use doing heavy-duty construction tasks. Ultimately those manufactured for general industrial or agriculture use aren’t going to cut it.

Also be sure to buy OTR tires that have liability insurance and some sort of warranty.

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