Proper Maintenance to Extend the Lifespan of OTR Tires

Construction sites are difficult to manage and it can be a constant battle to keep costs from rising out of control.  A simple way to cut those costs is to make your OTR tires last as long as possible.

otr tires lifespanConstruction machinery is expensive to operate and their OTR tires tend to wear out quickly due to the constant use. OTR tires are under enormous pressure because they are often carrying heavy loads. This causes quite a bit of heat buildup regardless of the time of year and heat is a major threat to the longevity of your tires. If you don’t do everything you can to reduce the heat as much as possible then you will be in the market for new OTR tires in no time.

Most heat buildup in OTR tires is caused by a combination of two things:

  • Being overloaded with too much weight
  • Being driven to fast

Either one is a problem on its own but if you do both together you can almost guarantee a blowout. When you overload your vehicle, it will cause your tire to stretch out of shape. If a tire isn’t round it causes extra stress on all of the other parts of the wheel and can cause damage or failure. So, when you drive fast on top of that, it causes more damage with every revolution of the tire plus a major increase in heat through friction.

If you want to keep your OTR tires in good condition, keep the speed and weight down while following these tips:

  • Give the vehicle time to cool down by resting it overnight or over a weekend.
  • Always park the vehicle in the shade in hot weather.
  • Park the vehicle on an even, flat surface.
  • Check your tires before letting it sit to make sure that there is not debris underneath that might cause a tire to crack as it cools.
  • Store the extra OTR tires in a cool, dry place away from any chemicals or work zones that could cause damage.