Expert Engineering in OTR Tires


International Tires, LLC has a highly experienced team of Japanese design engineers, compounding engineers, production engineers and field engineers who work together to produce  Coach Master earthmover tyres. This OTR tire supplier has a skilled engineering staff that has cumulatively over 400 years of OTR tire engineering experience.  Our engineers all have years of experience with the  major tire companies which makes our team one of the most highly skilled tire engineering teams in the industry.  We have used our engineering expertise to develop some of the most durable and rugged OTR designs available for the mining and construction industries to fit all sizes of equipment from the largest mining trucks to a port tire for loading equipment.

Our philosophy behind our OTR tires is get the right tire for the job site.  Our OTR tire engineering team can custom design your tires for your work environment.  Our expert rubber compound engineers can develop a tire compound that will get you the most life out of your tire while getting the traction and performance your job site demands.  The durability in our designs means less down time and cost savings for your business.  Our engineering team can visit your job site to provide a complete tire performance monitoring and assessment program to ensure you get the most from your OTR tire investment.

For example, if your job site requirements call for a deep tread tire design for severe and rocky surfaces to use in underground mines, open pits and quarries, we can provide a deep tread design that also has durable sidewalls to provide extended protection from cutting, while providing excellent  traction, stability and a comfortable ride.  No matter what your design requirements are, we can do the engineering job to get you the tires you need.  Whether you need the large earthmover tires or specialized port tires, we can get you the tires you need.  Search our website to find the in stock OTR tires that you need and if you need a custom design we can we can get your tires into production quickly.

Call us today (954) 254-8300 to get a quote for the mining, construction or port tire that your need for your off the road work site.